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  Documentation and Synthesis of Conservation Agriculture in Madagascar (FAO)
» 2,8 MiB - 1 322 consulté(s) - 11 juillet 2012

  Debunking three myths about Madagascar’s Deforestation NADIA R. HORNING, 2012
» 45,0 KiB - 579 consulté(s) - 26 janvier 2012After more than three decades of describing, explaining, and tackling deforestation in Madagascar, the problem persists. Why do researchers, practitioners, politicians, and farmers remain perplexed about this problem? This essay offers that our collective thinking of the past three decades has inadvertently perpetuated three myths. The first is that farmers are central agents of deforestation. The second is that the Malagasy state has the capacity and willingness to address the problem. And the third is that Madagascar is unique, especially relative to the rest of Africa.

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